A website for unusual and rare collector cars.

Site has stalled due to other commitments, but will hopefully progress again soon!


Since this is an "Esoteric Classics" website - and since the webmaster is a Tatraman - Tatras get the most attention! At the time this website was being built, it looked like the webmaster had the 3rd largest Tatra collection in North America with 5 Tatras. Click below to learn more about this historic and esoteric brand.

Cars for Sale
None for sale at this time.

At any time, one of our cars or a friend's car may be for sale. This website provides a convenient location for photos and information. So if you were directed here from elsewhere, either click the link below or look under 'Cars' at the top to find the vehicle you are looking for. ​

Who owns this site?

A number of car guys who share the passion for weird and unique cars. We are purely 'enthusiasts' and even if some cars may be for sale, this is not a commercial site.

This all started back in high school in the early 1970s. We were three friends heavy into British and European sports cars. As teenagers, money was scarce, so reality was a clapped-out bug-eyed Sprite, a basket-case (literally) Aston Martin DB 2/4 and for me - dad's old Dodge Dart. The dream cars were still hanging on the wall.

In university, a fourth friend joined the group. He was into American muscle cars and upgrading existing technology - cc'ing heads, improving breathing and basically applying a very structured scientific approach to making a car go faster. I soon became a muscle car 'Mopar Man' myself. So our group had the full spectrum of that era's car enthusiasts. Years later, we would take our cars to the pinnacle events of both streams - Pebble Beach and Arizona Concours d'Elegance, the Quail, Detroit Autorama, the Grand National Roadster Show, the Bonneville Salt Flats and various local events, such as the Concours in the Hills in Arizona.

The purpose of this website is to share our cars and experiences with other like-minded car nuts and hopefully provide a forum for discussion of strange, unusual, rare and essentially 'esoteric' cars.

Esoteric Classics