Esoteric Classics

$ 31,000  (US)

This is my friend Alojz's 1967 T603. He imported it from Slovakia to Canada about 15 years ago and had it repainted about 12 years ago. It is an older restoration that still shows well. The seats are original and Alojz (pronounced "Alois") says they have some wear. It currently has seat covers. He can provide more information about the overall condition and specifics if you contact him directly.

This is a late version of the second series of the T603 that still has the "narrow" four headlights and drum brakes, but the high windshield, square bumperettes and other features of the third series. (To recount - 1st series has 3 headlights, 2nd series has "narrow" 4 headlights, 3rd series has "wide" 4 headlights. Curiously, the 2nd and 3rd series are both officially called T603-2.)

The car is updated with the 3rd series electronic ignition that provides a stronger spark. Just to clarify, I'm not sure if this is the "original" 3rd series T603 electronic ignition or the "late" T603/T613 ignition that is retrofitted in my 1969. Alojz recently installed a rebuilt power brake booster, master cylinder and some other brake parts. Again, he can provide more detail.

The car is located in London, Ontario, Canada. 


1967 Tatra 603    Sold