There are some professional videos on YouTube of my 1969 Tatra 603 at Pebble Beach. I'm wearing an ill-fitting period Czechoslovakian Colonel's uniform. In case you've seen them - yes, I do look awkward! ..... I guess it's a special talent!  :-)  ...and that's why I'm too embarrassed to post a link here. Jay Leno's editor was actually very gracious in his editing - it's easy to be caught off guard when you're put on the spot. The other production that also featured the car has some editing errors - some of you may notice I'm pointing to the light switches when talking about the heater controls. A minor point, but the purists will notice.

This is a link to my YouTube video where the 1969 T603 won exhibitors' "Best of Show" at the Concours in the Hills in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Same 1972 T603 - This time checking motor for burning oil. Luckily no blue smoke. But needs new plugs and wires, carb rebuild, choke adjustment and timing check.

Here are some videos with some cars featured on this site. Please use the 'Full Screen' button once you get a video running to expand it into a viewable size.

I haven't had time to keep the website updated and some things have changed since the last complete edit. As such, some items were removed without a proper clean-up of the whole site. New videos will be added in the future.

Ron's Jet VW at Half Moon Bay in 2007

A pre-restoration T603 I bought a couple of years ago. This video was taken by my wife as I was road testing the car. It was advertised as "rust free", but was extensively rusted! The video below shows just how bad this car was when I had a chance to go through it after I bought it. Yes, I've also experienced why they say "buy the best one you can afford/find - it'll be cheaper in the long run!"


Here is the very first video I took of the 1969 Pebble T603 back in 2006. This was the first drive in it with the previous owner, when it wasn't known yet if I would be buying it. I recently dug up the footage and edited it into what you see here.

The background music was composed by a friend whose music I use in all my recent videos..

This is the same 1972 T603 as above. I made this video for a friend who was interested in one of my pre-restoration T603s. Since he wasn't local, this video was made to show him what he would be up against with this one. I decided to post it as 'public' so others can see what to watch out for when buying a 'cheap' T603. There are some obvious understatements as I'm not working from a script and some details aren't clear unless you look up close. For example, the paint is obviously not original but the color is also not original. The spots in the chrome are obvious on the camera, but not as bad from an eye-level perspective. The takeaway lesson is - Don't buy a car unseen off the web and always do a thorough inspection before you buy! Though I knew about the major rust when I bought it, later we found even more 'surprises' on this car!

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